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Carlo Gavazzi ESS showing and working on wrong Position


last week I finished my 14 th Installation and the 5th with Calo Gavazzi EM24 Ethernet Meters. So far so good, everything is working fine, but on this last installation something is wrong.

I do have 2 PV Inverters.

the first is connected on AC Input1 on a 3 Phase MultiPlus II (2623) 5K

the second is connected on AC Out..

they show up on the detail Menu List, with all their settings, but on the Dashboard and in reality they show up and behave like connected on AC out only...


1646307699829.png1646307743713.png1646307776866.pngBoth PV is Producing 15 KW ... and the system is dumping all the 1St PV to the Grid -->


I do have one uncertainty ... In the Multiplus ESS Configuration I set the System PV to 15 KWP ... is this wrong? .. -- do I only have to set about 10 kWP on AC out to the PV Size? (There was a reasen for that, because the customer first had both PV connected on AC OUT, and changed wireing the day after Installation due to my Factor 1 Rule complaint. So I do have to visit him, to reconfigure the ESS Assistant as well.)

Is this a configuration Problem, or an ESS Configuration made by me.

Please Give me some Info..

Thanks a Lot


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tedr avatar image tedr commented ·
Was sind deine Einstellungen fur:
  • - ESS-Multiphase regulation
  • - Grid Setpoint

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markus avatar image markus ♦♦ commented ·
Du brauchst noch zusätzlich einen Grid Meter, damit Dir der PV Wechselrichter am Eingang angezeigt wird.
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Bernhard Matschinger avatar image Bernhard Matschinger markus ♦♦ commented ·
Danke für die Info, ja das wars.. wurde bereits erledigt :)
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