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Venus OS v2.82~2 available for testing

Good afternoon,

On Monday, a few days ago, we released v2.80. Full blog here. Then on Wednesday v2.81, fixing the bug with GX GSM & GX LTE + pin code.

v2.80 was quite a major release with many changes. Both functional changes and new features, as well as more low level improvements and updates.

This new version, v2.82~2, contains a few more fixes which we plan to release very soon.

In case you don't know what this message is about, then please start with reading this link, which explains the Venus OS beta program.

Changes, compared to v2.81:

  • Fix issue when having a CAN-bus connected battery, DVCC and another battery monitor on the same battery bank. This is fixed by reverting the related code & functionality to how it was on v2.73. Post with more information.
  • Fix issue that, sometimes, greyed out the Enable toggles of analog tank inputs.
  • Make the Wireless bluetooth sensors feature, for the Ruuvis, use all connected bluetooth adapters. With this change, it is possible to connect multiple USB bluetooth adapters. And for example by having one on a slightly long USB cable it will be possible to increase the range. There is a list of tested USB Bluetooth adapters, currently we at Victron are not stocking or shipping any of those. And they were tested either briefly by ourselves, or by someone else - see the list.

Known issues:

  • The change to remove the PV/Current data internally, not only removed it from Modbus-TCP, but also breaks range queries. This issue was introduced in v2.80, and we will fix that by bringing it back.

What to test?

The above mentioned changes. Especially for the change in DVCC we'll be in contact with a few people that had the issue.

How to post an issue?

Preferably all issues are organised as answers to this question. One answer per issue. So first check the existing threads. If you have the same as someone else already reported, welcome to add a comment saying "me too". And preferably some more details. And in case its not listed yet, add a new Answer. Note that Answers and Comments are two different things here on community.

Lastly, please first revert to v2.73, to double check if the issue you're seeing was present there as well. Regressions require a different treatment than other issues and bugs, and one of the first things that needs doing in triaging a report is distinguishing between the two.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Best regards, Matthijs

Venus OS
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Paul B answered ·

Today our test site setup with gx venus upgraded from 2.81 to 2.82~2

The sites multiplus II 48 5000 unit then kept rebooting and rebooting then stopped completly. Turn the mpii off then on the cycle repeated If I disconnected the venus from the ve. Bus then it worked fine.

Multiplus II on 490 Fw. Running ess and a ac current sensor, with ve. Bms connected.

I rolled back to 2.81 and reconnected the venus ve. Bus and all worked fine again

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
Hi @Paul B , what exactly kept rebooting? The Venus GX?

What is the VRM URL for that site and is it ok if we login on that? Requires Remote Support to be enabled.

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Paul B avatar image Paul B mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·

The multiplus II. Kept turning on then off. It started with a green inverting light as normal then ended with the green inverting light on the right and two orange lights on the charger side. and it would stop inverting and no pass through I did not do any diagnostics. As the only change that had occurred was the 2.82~2 update. I see ~4 is out now I can try again if it's of help.

The multiplus II is one of the early versions as well

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ Paul B commented ·
Hi @Paul B , is it still happening? Can you share me the VRM portal url?

Its a mystery to me,andxwould very much like to get to the bottom of it.

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