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Turning Off Multiplus Charger from Cerbo GX/GX Touch 50

I have a Multiplus II 2X120 connected to a Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50. I see that I can control certain on/off functions of the Multiplus from the GX Touch 50 including (1) turning everything off; (2) having the Multiplus function as a charger only, (3) having the Multiplus function as an inverter only, and (4) turning all aspects of the Multiplus on. However, there may may reasons to have all functions of the Multiplus working, except for the battery charging function. For example, to use solar and minimize electricity consumption, or to utilize a separate charger (for example, to have less of a humming noise inside my RV).

I realize that I can turn the charger of the Multiplus on/off using my laptop connected via USB to the Multiplus using the Victron MK3-USB adapter. However, it would be really nice if the Touch 50 could turn the charger on/off without using a laptop (or without loading a new configuration file).

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Any way to make a firmware enhancement request to Victron?

Thanks for your response.


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One option.... Leave the system in On mode (full everything working). Wire the Cerbo Relay to the Aux 1 input. Install the Charge Current Control assistant, as per below. Then when you want to disable charge switch teh relay on the Cerbo off; then when you want charge set it to on.


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bathnm, thanks for your quick response. That appears to be a solution. However, it would be nice if Victron had this as a feature so that it could very simply be done in the menu to turn on/off the other features of the Multiplus from the Touch interface.

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So what are you actually looking for. Are you looking for pass through if shore is connected, otherwise invert; but not allow charge?

I have not checked this as I am not often connected to shore! I think I read after posting my suggestion that in "invert only" mode, if shore is available it will actually be used in a pass through mode. So what else do you want working, or expect to work ?

This may have been the thread..

I have also just re-read the manual..


It is not clear, and when I next connect to shore will tests. I interpret the manual as

Off, everything is Off;

On everything is ON, pass through, invert and charge

Charge Only, inverter is off, but pass through will work, if loss of AC IN then no AC output

Invert Only, Inverter is on, charger is off, pass through will work, if loss of AC IN, then AC output is sustained by the inverter.

So again, what is missing or expected when you do not wish too charge, it would seem that invert only does what you might be expecting.

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Further, checking out this schematic in the manual.


It would seem that charger only and invert only just changes the behaviour of the converter at the bottom so it acts in only one mode, rather than dual mode.

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