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Victron Multiplus 12/1600/70 fit Cerbo to avoid fitting Digital Multi Control GX


I am considering having a Multiplus 12/1600/70 fitted, however if possible I would like to avoid fitting the Digital Multi Control GX due to space and aesthetics (don't ask).

I have looked in various sites but am unable to confirm if the Cerbo GX will provide all the functionality of the Digital Multi Control GX.

Comments and URL's appreciated.


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You are not mentioning whether you will use VE.Bus BMS or not, but if you will, please note that you will not be able to remotely control the Off/Inverter/ChargerOnly mode of the Multiplus. It's a functionality that is exclusive to DMC GX when VE.Bus BMS is used.

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The DMC GX is not required.
The controls that the DMC GX offers are also available through the menu system of the CerboGX.

This is an overview of the MultiPlus in my system:

Within the "Switch" menu, the following options are available:


Input current limit is also adjustable from the menus:


This menu system is accessible either through a web browser or via the GX Touch screen if you opt to install one of those.

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Is this also true if I were to downsize to a Phoenix Inverter Smart 1600VA?

The inverters will be different because they don't have an AC Input.

I only have a little baby Phoenix inverter to hand for this demonstration, but it does sport a VE.Direct interface like the 1600VA model.
There are fewer and different options in the "Switch" menu:


There is no input current limit option.


Just for additional information, the DMC GX would not work with the Phoenix Inverter Smart.

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Thanks again,

The menu images are via VE.Direct into a Cerbo or via Bluetooth only?

As mentioned I want to avoid adding another physical panel.

The Phoenix Inverter Smart connects to the CerboGX over VE.Direct cable.

The Bluetooth on these devices is intended for configuration purposes using a telephone or tablet with the VictronConnect app. Devices do not communicate with one another over Bluetooth.

Those images are taken from a web browser session with the CerboGX.


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