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Can you change the battery type in Multiplus II without MK3-USB Interface?

I have just installed my Multi with 2 x Pylontech batteries with a Cerbo GX. I am aware the default battery setting is not set to Lithium. Is there a way I can change this parameter through Cerbo GX without needing the USB interface? Or is it possible that the parameter changes on it's own given that the Cerbo thats connecting everything is reading all the info from the Pylontechs (battery info is all showing up on the Touch 50 display)?

I will order the MK3-USB interface but it looks like it's going to take a week at least to get to me and that means I am unable to charge/use my batteries for that long due to the charge profile being wrong and I don't want to damage the batteries, which means I have limited power..

(PS I don't have access to the internet where I am at the moment either)

Thanks in advance.

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Can you temporarily connect the Cerbo to the Internet?

If so, then use Remote VE.Configure from the Device List in VRM and open the downloaded file in VE.Configure on a Windows Machine, modify and then re-upload on the same page.

Just a note, when you do connect the Cerbo to the internet, it may take a long time to upload cached records on the device and this disables remote console access until it is complete. Remote Ve.Configure should still work though.

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Hi Warwick,

Do you mean can I take the Cerbo GX somewhere where I have internet and then power it up on it's own? Will that work if I don't have the Multi connected to it?

Is VE.Configure a program?

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