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Setting Up Orion TR Smart 12 | 12 - 30A To Charge Aux Battery

I am after some advice/help setting up a Victron Orion TR Smart as a charger for an Auxiliary battery.

-I am using an Orion TR-Smart 12 | 12 - 30A NON-Isolated DC-DC unit.

-It is installed in an older diesel vehicle with a regular alternator, output of alternator is 60A.

-I have a lead acid starting battery that is connected to the Victron Orion Input, and the Output goes to an EnerSys Powersafe SBS-100F 100AH AGM Battery. (Auxiliary/Second Battery)

-There is also a Victron MPPT Solar Regulator connected to the Auxiliary battery.

-My goal is to have the auxiliary battery receiving charge from the DC-DC Unit, which is run off the main battery.

-I will be running a subwoofer, 60LTR fridge/freezer and volt meter off the Auxiliary Battery.

I am not sure what settings I should be using as a base setup (through the VictronConnect app).

Would anyone be able to give me suitable settings for this kind of use?


Kind Regards.


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The battery charging settings you should take from the datasheet of the battery.

The alternator settings you have to test and adjust at your system, we can't give you that values.

You have to start the engine and look how the voltage is changing during the charging of the aux battery (the aux battery should be empty to take the charge).

PS: 30A Orion (+ solar) is to much for a 100Ah lead battery. A lead battery should be changed with 10-15% of the Ah -> 10-15A for a 100Ah battery.

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