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Shore Charge Current Dropping


I have this small campervan in which I have built some electrical equipment, but lately after some (I thought) improvement I am having some issues.

I have built a Phoenix Multiplus Compact 12A 1600VA together with a Victron Energy 220AH AGM Deep cycle battery into my van. I have connected both a VE.Bus Control panel and a BMV 602s to the system. It looks something like this in a schematic:


Where the ground === the chassis of the van and the leisure battery and the service battery (engine) of the van are separated by a separator/relay.

A few days ago I notices the leisure battery was not charged after a full day connected to shore, and the BMV showed only a voltage of 12V when disconnecting the system from shore... When connected to shore it shows a (expected?) voltage of around 14.5V, but only a charging current of 1A. It often starts out around 5A, but quickly drops to 1A, no wonder the battery is not charging.

After a few days of searching and trouble shooting I still havent figured out the problem, so my hope is on you! The gear is definitely not to newest anymore. But the battery was not heavily used since it was only used on the occasional trip.

Thanks a lot!

Bas Peter

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It's possible the agm battery is sulphated - if it is old - and won't hold a charge. Try removing it from the installation and charging it with a different charger?

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Do you know of any reliable way to desulphate this AGM deep cycle battery? The internet is filled with pulse desulphators and what not, but I am not sure what might actually work.
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