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Which battery temperature sensor do I use

I’m moving through my Victron instal with AGM batteries. I’ve a temperature sensor with the Cerbo and one with the multiplus. Do I fit them both or is there some setup that I need to do?

batteryTemperature Sensor
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Hi @Rupez1,

depends on what you want to measure. If you want to measure battery temp, one temperature sensor is enough. Use the one coming with the MultiPlus and plug it into the Cerbo GX I/O ports as well as to the battery. Enable DVCC in the Cerbo GX settings and then enable STS (Share Temperature Sense). This will share temperature also with the MultiPlus.

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Thanks Stephanie that was very helpful
Is that the sensor with the black tape on the lug And will it go to any battery negative post ?

battery negative post
If that's the sensor supplied with the MultiPlus, then yes, it connects to battery negatve post.
Hi SteFannie.

Will this then enable the temperature compensated charge feature in the multi?

thank you.


yes, although I think this feature is enabled by default.

But you don't need necessarily a temperature sensor connected to the MultiPlus. You also can connect a temperature sensor to your GX device or BMV/SmartShunt and then select this as your primary sensor for temp compensation. Data will be shared from your GX device via VE.Bus to the Multi.

Thank you Stefanie.

I see the Cerbo temp sensor (blue tape on the ring lug) connects to the positive battery terminal.

I have another question that I wrote to the forum dealing with the issue I have the the VRM. Under the advanced tab of the VRM, there is a section named “battery temperature sensor (277)“. That section currently shows no data. Do you know if data will show if I switch to the Cerbo sensor only Instead of the multi sensor?

The Cerbo GX uses the same temperature sensor like the MultiPlus does!

The Sensor with the blue tape on the lug most probably belongs to the Shunt (BMV or SmartShunt).

There should be data in VRM once the sensor is connected properly.