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Layout of a PV Storage System


I am planning a storage system (3 phase with Multiplus II 5000VA) for my existing two (10 kW and 17.5 kW - borth Fronius Symo) PV systems. The pv systems are located on a freestanding garage (ca. 40 m away). The meter box is in the house. Near the meter box is no space for the storage system. The storage system can be placed in an annex.

Layout 1:

The easiest implementation is given by following layout.


But, I think, it is not possible with the Multiplus II. Is this right? K4 is used to guarantee the 1:1 rule.

Layout 2:

In this system layout, the Multiplus is either in the parallel or in series. The switching is done by the relays port of the Multiplus in connection with the contractor K11 and K3. The 1:1 rule is guaranteed by K4.


The advantage is that at failure of the Multiplus the supply of the house is still guaranteed. Further, line losses is minimized. What is your opinion about it?


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