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Single line diagram review - EasySolar 5kVA / Pylontech BESS

Hello all,

I've been in solar for a good number of years but I am new to Victron and I love their gear already :-)

The attached SLD is for a 3.24kWp/28kWh off grid system with 7kVA genset.

I have used the EasySolar 5kVA model (MPPT 150/100)

The power system will be located in a shed which is 20m away from dwelling #3 and 35m away from dwelling #5. There will be MSB in the shed with feeders going to each dwelling.

The generator is Honda EU70 32A (petrol gene/inverter) with ATS. I also want to connect it with a bypass option.

Would appreciate any comments on my design. I am mainly looking for comments on the interface with the 28kWh Pylontech BESS, the transition from the EasySolar to the MSB and compatibility of the connections between the gene and the inverter and MSB.

Many thanks



EasySolar All-in-Onesystem design
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Hi @Yariv Edery

Victron has a lot of experience with the Pylons, a summary here..

I question your choice of an Easy 5000. Despite actually choosing one for myself, swung by mainly the onboard breakers for convenience. But you're going to effectively bypass them.

A lot of batts, and you may find the Multi's 70A charge limit restrictive.

You could get by with a 150/60 mppt on that much panel.

Serving 2x residences raises questions of having enough capacity. Just little things like water pumps and washer/dishwasher heating cycles can add up, and Murphy's Law guarantees they'll coincide.

Maybe a 8kVA Quattro would be a better choice? 110A of charge capacity too. And a second ACIN for another genset, which I'd add (and did) for redundancy before worrying about bypassing the genset around the Victron kit.

I'd use a CerboGX rather than a CCGX (more modern & powerful), and run wifi or ethernet comms to wherever needed.

Anyhows, just thoughts. Take em as you find em..

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Thanks John, that's a fantastic reply. Much appreciated.

The Easy5000 is my only choice which has already been purchased some time ago to service one dwelling. I should have noted, that albeit it is 2 buildings, it is only a single family residence, where dwelling 1 is the original sleepout and a small kitchen and the new dwelling will be a pavilion setup mainly for common spaces and small office.

No doubts that there will be clashes in the demands profiles, but based on past metering and future allowance for the pavilion, the peak daily consumption is 12kWh (low) and peak power is 4.1kW, so I thought that the Easy5000 in conjunction with the 7kVA/5kW Honda inverter generator, I'd be covered.

The thought to bypass the Victron system is to allow direct operation for those time controlled large loads such as the washing machine. This means that the 45-1hr cycle will be serviced directly from the gene, leaving spare storage capacity for later in the day.

Pylontech have some awesome solutions, and I do understand the restrictive charge current (I was thinking the same). I wonder if adding the LV-Hub and split the BESS to 2 x 4 x 3.5kWh modules, will be a better approach, but I am not sure if this will change anything when it comes to charging (maybe better balanced stacks?) Thoughts?

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@Yariv Edery

Ok, that makes sense.

But don't underestimate the usefulness of the Power-Assist function in the Multi. With the genset output dedicated to ACIN, what it means is you could have (say) 4kW set as a max from the genset, and that is passed through to the loads. Loads higher than that will be topped off from the Multi to the tune of up to another ~4kW (and more for 'spikes'). So there's really no need to bypass/duplicate the genset output.

I'd probably just change out a couple of the circuit cb's in the Easy cabinet (as necessary) to cover the remote loads, and wire direct into there.

And of course any shortfall in the loads to genset's 4kW can be used to charge batts, concurrently with any solar input. So the genset runs smooth at optimum output - bang for buck, hey.

The genset could be started automatically from the Multi.

I'm unfamiliar personally with the Pylons, but I'd have a go with the standard recommendations and run from there.

You may not yet be aware of how good this kit is. Approach it with the KISS principle and you could be surprised..

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yariv-edery answered ·

Again, fantastic reply John, thanks so much.

I was thinking of making the changes to the CB's inside the Easy cab and run dedicated feeders to each sub-switchboard, but I think this may impact product warranty due to alterations to the manufactured unit (mainly CB's rating), so decided to combine these at the plant and run a single feeder to each sub-board.

I continuously hear great things about Victron from both installers and owners, so I am looking forward to be even more surprised :-)

In terms of combined power capacity from the different sources and the bypass setup - this is really a secondary backup for operating the gene as a "standalone" source at times that the plant itself is being serviced or having stopped due to a fault. After all, the location is on a remote Island and access is limited to boats or helicopters.

I'd expect the nominal peak power from the plant to be ~8kW if the EasySolar calls upon the gene and BESS to supply the loads, albeit we expect that real peak power will be about half of that.

Lastly, I have found a document on the Victron database discussing the configuration of the Pylontech system at the CGX end. Seems easy and straightforward. Hopefully it will go smoothly during the commissioning .

Best wishes,


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