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Superpack Voltage loss/fluctuation

I have a pair of superpacks in parallel connected to a motor. The circuit had been tested and in use with no issues, other than motor is too fast. ive connected a motor controller to the circuit output without the motor and applied power to make sure the speed controller would turn on and was trying to measure output. I cycled the power to this speed controller vie momentary switch for very brief period, 1-2s, and when trying to go reverse direction was unable to power my relays and voltage was reading 0-5Vmax and fluctuating like crazy. i figured the protection activated as the speed controller must have over amped the batteries but it now will not reset itself. the data sheet indicates this safety is present and should reset itself within 10s. once again the output was only engaged for very brief time and load completely removed from battery so it should have been taken out of any "abuse" states very quick. when i connect to a charge to try to reset, i am able to read full charger voltage and the battery accepts current ~3A as was near 100% at time of incident. Has anyone experienced activating this internal safety and what measure can be done to reset it? or am I out 2 brand new batteries?

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