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VE Config III User Defined Battery Type Problem

Sadly this App does not have settings for Victron Lead Carbon Batteries.

System is Easysolar 24/1600/40, 4xVictron 12V 106Ah lead carbon, BMV712, Victron Battery Balancer. PC is running Win 10.

Problem has been present since installation, over 12 months ago.

I've been entering values manually in the app based on the datasheet (guessing the temp compensation :-( ) manually, but decided to create a user defined battery type.

So as per the help, I created a new definition. According to the help it is supposed to take the manually input parameters and create a new named definition. Battery type setting remains 'No corresponding default'. But the new type appears in the list.

So far so good.

Selecting the new type causes a pile of errors come up (almost too fast to read), and all the manually input settings are lost. My system is 24V, Absorption/float voltage are set to 24V, not the 28.2 I entered, temp compensation is lost etc. One error I could read was that absorption must be higher than float, which it was already.

I've tried this a few times, same behaviour every time. DVCC was set off, setting it on did not affect this problem.

Including the app hanging frequently.

Can someone can point me to what I'm doing wrong


1 - Lead carbon should be there already.

2 - User defined types not working.

3 - App hangs fetching data from the system. (seems to clear by clicking the X in fetch window. At this point Win Task manager is showing 0CPU for the app.

VEConfigure 3bug report
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