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VE Configure Warning!

Just connected to my Easysolar with the mk3 interface.

Was offered a software update for configure and accepted. Installed. Connected again and it wanted to update the MK3 as well. Accepted.

VE Configure retrieves the readings as expected. But will go no further. Locked on general tab. Does not respond to keyboard, mouse. Had to use Win10 task manager to close the program

Suggest you do not update!

VEConfigure 3bug report
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I was able to clear and get it working with a full pc restart. It then seemed to work normally. Sent the revised settings. These seemed to go through to the multi, but it locked up again.

This is release 90.10.150 fwiw.

Now to find out how to create a bug report.

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Both (updated) Victron Connect and VE Configure connect up to my Multi v487.

Mk3 updated.

Win11 computer.

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