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Running a grounded EasySolar off-grid -> Is this a TT system?

I have installed an EasySolar 5000VA off-grid in a mountain cabin. The chassis/case of the EasySolar is grounded by connecting it to an earth-rod (1.5m deep into the ground, but thinking of expanding it to 3m).
The EasySolar has a RCD and therefore I have activated the earth-relay in the VEConfig settings.

I like to know, if this is considered a TT System? According to Wiring-Unlimited I would say it is.

The reason for this question is, as an addition to the lightning-protection, I like to install a surge arrester for the AC part of the system. I was thinking of this one:

For the DC part I have already installed one (

And other little side-question: In Wiring-Unlimited I saw on page 64&65 under off-grid system grounding that I have to ground the battery negative pole? Totally didn't do that... is this a problem? Because when I look at a diagram for automotive, I don't see the battery being grounded. eg.
I see that the busbar/lynx is grounded, but I was assuming, this is built in into the Easy-Solar. But if not, its easy for me to rework and add a grounding to the battery.

And yes, next year in spring when the snow is gone and I'm able to get up there by car, I will have an electrician to check the whole installation due to insurance approval requirements. Therefore I like him to complain as few as possible / rework as few as possible since it is a really long travel to get up there.

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