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Orion 12-12/30 Bluetooth gets stuck, fix?

I have the 12V DC-DC non isolated 30A charger installed in my camper between the truck battery and the camper battery.

Sometimes the Orion gets stuck thinking a BT device is (still) connected to it. It will no longer show up in Victron Connect, and the blue light is flashing relatively quickly implying it is already connected to some device.

I turn off BT on all devices, but nothing changes.

The only way I can get it working again is to reset the unit by removing the source power from it for 15-30 seconds, then reconnecting. Then it shows again on Victron connect and all is well, until it gets stuck again.

I use two Android devices with VictronConnect, one a phone and one a tablet. I am always careful to "back out" on Victron Connect to avoid the issue, but it still happens enough to be quite annoying....

Anyone else with this problem?

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There's a hint (somewhere in the documentation) to turn on aeroplane mode in Android, then turn it back on. This kills Bluetooth on Android, the Orion disconnects properly.

There have been a few queries about this sort of bluetooth problem recently. I suspect there's a software fix needed.

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Thanks, that seems to have helped. Not sure why turning airplane mode vs just BT on/off made a difference, but it seemed to.

Hopefully Victron will fix the source of the issue with a firmware update.

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Hi @Kiltym yes absolutely we will fix this (bluetooth busy message / device thinking its still connected) in a firmware update. Its being worked on, we know the problem (same issue has been fixed for SmartShunts and SolarChargers), and I expect the new firmware version for the Smart Orions in January 2022.

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Looks like you have found most/all of them, thanks.
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