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Maximum length for VE. Can

I don't know if any of the engineers actually read this forum, but I'm hoping to find out the maximum allowable cable length for the VE. Can interface cables. I intend to build my own cables using high-quality shielded cable (probably Cat7) so the attenuation and interference should not be a problem. I only wonder what the maximum latency is...

I can find information on the maximum cable length on the VE. Bus. People on the forums are saying that they're having trouble with longer cables, but the literature seems to indicate that you should be fine as long as the total cable length doesn't exceed 100 meters. Therefore, I believe that these people would do better with larger shielded cables since the literature seems to indicate that they shouldn't have latency problems, but I have found no such literature for the VE. Can.

I'm trying to mount the GX 70 upstairs quite a ways from the battery room. I figured I'd just locate the Cerbo GX up next to the GX 70 location.

If anyone can help, or if anyone can tell me who to contact, I'd really appreciate it!


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Hello Kienan

Did you manage to find the correct cabling for the ve bus to can bms ?

I also want to install my cerbo gx 25M away from multiplus 2

Thanks John

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Kienan avatar image Kienan john-r-1 commented ·


Yes, I ended up at 15 meters, and I tested it with shielded cat5, and it has been working fine. I would have tried Cat7 if I had trouble (because I have some around) and I might have purchased a CAN-specific cable if I had further trouble.

I think that all of the V.E. protocols will work at 25M if you use the right wire. Cat 5 isn't the best, but it worked for this system. Make sure to try to set up a test system with the long wire lengths before you go to all the work to install it all, there's no guarantee.

I wish that the HDMI could be extended so that the cerbo could be at the equipment and the screen could just be mounted at a distance, but I have talked with people who have experimented with that... if you use top-quality cable, then you might be able to extend the HDMI by 3 meters (not much), and even then, it might not work.



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Trevor Bird avatar image Trevor Bird Kienan commented ·
@Kienan ..we have extended HDMI and the USB power source to 15 metres on several jobs. Works fine.
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Juha Tuomala avatar image Juha Tuomala john-r-1 commented ·
GX and inverter use VE.Bus.
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shaneyake answered ·

The Spec for 250kbit/s CAN bus is 250 meters. VE.CAN at a hardware level is just normal 250kbit/s CAN bus. So anything less than 200 meters is probably fine as long as the termination resistors are installed.

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I forgot to mention, cable should be shielded Cat 6-7 cable. Thanks Peter for reminding me.
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Peter Buijs - NL answered ·

With longer distances it is importand to use the correct cabling, Cat7 is for Ethernet, CAN cable has 2 pair of wires each shielded sperately, the data wires are thin, the power wires are thicker. NMEA2000 literature and Actisense literature will help you.

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