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Smartolar MPPT on ESS intermittently goes to a state other than "External Control" and sometimes gets stuck

* Multiplus II + GX, running ESS
* 900AH OPzS Batteries.
* 150|85 Smartsolar
* PV inverter on AC Out


99% of the time the system runs perfectly, but some days when the battery gets full, and the MPPT and PV Inverter correctly throttles production to match consumption, but sometimes the MPPT intermittingly goes to bulk, and sometimes the GX total looses the MPPT. Sometimes it reappears after about 10-15mins, other times I need to reboot the GX for it to be picked up again. No errors anywhere. It definitely has to do with the fact that it needs to reduce power production, but then just goes off

* I have replaced the Ve.Direct cable, and it didn't change a thing. It returns on the GX without fail after a reboot, so its not a connection issue.

* I recently updated the Multi Firmware and also all the connected devises(GX, MPPT ext) to see if that helps. Will run it a few days and report back.1634824579005.png1634824083766.png

Does anyone have any clue what I can check next if the firmware update doesn't yield any positive results?

MPPT ControllersESSAC PV Coupling
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Since the software update, it has not gotten stuck again, but still switching to other MPPT states, even though I am expecting it to stay in External Control. It does look like its quite a bit more stable since the update on the 20th of October.

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It appears to still be happening but a lot less. Not sure what to do next? On 2 November it went off for about 4 hours and I needed to restart the GX for it to start working normally again. I did notice something new though. ESS options were missing from the GX device prior to restarting it, as if the GX itself has an issue or connectivity problem. Not sure what would cause that to happen? It could be part of the same issue?


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And it happened again. Operating very well, but MPPT gone :(

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This is the result in Consumption, as the SmartSolar goes to "Sleep" then SOMETIMES, after a few mins ESS falls asleep, causing the system to not use any battery through the daily cycle. Then randomly all starts working again the next morning, as if nothing was wrong and no errors or logs. So frustrating not having visibility into the triggers causing this.1636381537339.png

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The Ess now controls the external control state as far as I know, make sure you are using the latest fw 489 plus the latest ess assistant.

Now I have also notice that if you turn on export dc solar that this may stop the issue or some effect

But another issue is you shoild NOT loose the MPPT tile on the GX so reduce the VE-Direct cable length as this maybe a issue (ie interference or some such thing or two long) Maybe you are using USB instead of VE-direct, so try different stuff in that area (just a thought) max length is 10 Mtrs on VE.Direct. (I have one site that has 3 MPPTs connected to a USB hub and then to a USB port on the GX and its at max length as well and it keeps dropping its connection as well)


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Thanks for your feedback @Paul B.

"The Ess now controls the external control state as far as I know," Yes it should, but I don't understand why in certain small timeslots it doesn't...?

The VE.Direct cable is a standard 1.8m. I have replaced it once, in my trouble shooting, but it still occurred again just yesterday. I will try a USB to see if that makes a change next.

I'm trying this first" turn on export dc solar ", but with a 0W limit.

Firmware versions are the latest available:


Hoping some more of you smart people can help :)

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