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Questions about 12V load and inverter remote control over MPPT and some general schematics help

Hi guys,

I'm working on the electric schematics for a pickup truck as a expedition vehicle.

I would like to ask you guys if my thinking is correct or if you have some inputs to make it better.

Are there any concerns regarding safety ?

One of my main questions is: How does the load output of the mppt really work? I read all the manuals and couldn't find a proper answer.. Can I control both, the smart battery protect for my 12V loads and the 800W phoenix inverter together? I've drawn a connection from the Load + (MPPT) to the H-Remote connection of the Battery protect and to the right connector of the remote connection plug of the Inverter. Both are as well controllable with a switch.

The other question.. I would like to run the AC output of the Inverter as an isolated IT-Network... is it in this case necessary to connect the PE to the ground (as drawn in my schematics?)

Thank you for your help.

BR, Marioelektroschema-fernwehmobil-eder-v1.png

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