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VE.Direct LoRaWan BMV-702 No Data

I have a VE.Direct LoRaWan within TTN coverage (blinking green) connected to a BMV-702 but no data seems to appear on VRM portal.

I've waited 2 days now and still nothing since "Last connection" (when I installed it and added the device on VRM portal).

Last power up or restart and last connection show the same time, 2021-09-25 14:57. No serial number is listed under the device information.

I saw someone with a similar problem on the community and something on the backend had to be corrected? Message/email me and I can share the VRM portal ID, the installation ID is 129941.


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sveinungkb answered ·

@NauticaResearch or @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) any chance is what's affecting my device as well? It's frustrating to not know if I can use this device or not.

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Daniël van de Giessen answered ·

Hi @sveinungkb ,

It appears the data from your module is not being received by the network. There is a few things you could check:

  • Your module might have lost coverage, meaning that the data it is broadcasting is not received by any gateway and thus not ending up in VRM. Have you tried power cycling your module to see if it correctly connects to the network or keeps blinking blue (which would indicate no coverage)?
  • If you are running your own gateway, have you checked that it is correctly receiving data from the module and is connected to the appropriate TheThingsNetwork cluster for your region?
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Thanks for the response Daniel. I am getting a green status light, not using my own gateway but it seems to find TTN reception without it. This is in Miami, FL so should be fairly well covered. The device is a US device so presumably it's using 915 and connecting to the US gateways.

I've power cycled it several times, and after a minute or two it comes back as green.

I quickly checked the logs on our side, but I'm not seeing any data being received for your device, with the exception of a few single "module connected" events.

My best guess would be that the only gateway within reach of your module is a so-called single channel gateway. These are sometimes build for small local setups, but do not support all the radio channels required by to function as a proper LoRaWAN gateway and thus usually do not work properly with most LoRaWAN end devices such as the VE.Direct LoRaWAN module. We've seen multiple problems in the past with setups trying to use such single-channel gateways.

The Victron module sends its join requests (requests to connect to the network) repeatedly, going through all the channels, so eventually it would come across the single channel this gateway supports and manage to connect (indicated by the light now blinking green). But since neither the network nor the module have any way of knowing that this gateway only supports a single channel, they'll attempt to continue their communication over other channels (as is required by the LoRaWAN specifications and local regulations), and the data will thus never arrive in VRM.

If this is indeed the case, I'm afraid there is little you can do about that, except setting up your own gateway which properly supports all channels. See for more information.