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Can the 3 outputs of IP-22 12/30/3 be connected

If the IP-22 has outputs connected to the both the starter and the house bank, what happens when the banks are connected, for example using a 1, 2, All switch, an emergency-parallel switch or an ACR?

I have a 1,2,All switch. If I'm connected to shore power I want both batteries to get charged even when the switch is off. I'm going to get rid of the switch and replace with separate switches for each battery and either add an ACR or an Orion TR-Smart 12/12 DC/DC charger.

With an ACR I assume you can connect a single charger output to either bank (which one is optimal?) and the ACR will close the circuit so the other bank gets charged. Does this make sense?

But what if I choose use an Orion instead of an ACR? The reason would be to get a better charging profile than the alternator alone can provide and also keep a steady voltage to protect equipment. Is this a common use case? Anyway, if I go this path then the charger needs to be connected on the starter side because the Orion only works in one direction. But the efficiency is 87% so which means a loss of 13%. In this case it would be nice if the IP-22 can be connected to both banks. The Orion also needs to cope with a charge voltage on both sides.

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