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VE.BUS BMS randomly signaling BatteryProtect to shutoff load

I have a 100% Victron system consisting of a VE.BUS BMS managing a single 100AH Smart Lithium battery, a BatteryProtect, SmartShunt, Orion DC-DC converter and a Blue Smart charger.

Periodically, sometimes once a day sometimes multiple times over a short period of time, my VE.BUS BMS signals the BatteryProtect to turn off the load. This occurs whether or not charging is occurring. It has happened recently four times over the course of roughly 10 minutes while I was watching the VictronConnect app. The BatteryProtect reported that it was told by the BMS to shutdown the load, but then immediately thereafter the BatteryProtect turns the load back on so that the actual interruption is no more than a minute. The BMS and SmartShunt share a common power and the SmartShunt remained powered on so it doesn't appear to be the case of the BMS powering off and back on again. And the battery's state of charge was 69% and temperature was 23C and all cells balanced. Besides, if it was a battery issue like charge or imbalance I wouldn't expect the BMS to immediately allow the load to resume.

At this point I can't think of anything else to test - it just seems like the BMS is doing something it shouldn't be doing.

Anyone have any ideas or perhaps experienced something similar?



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