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Temperature sensing with the MultiPlus II GX and SmartSolar MPPT

I am looking at getting a 48V MultiPlus II GX. This has 1xVE.Direct port.
Was going to pair this with a SmartSolar 150/35. Communicates via Bluetooth and VE.Direct.

The MPPT will be close to the batteries but they are AGMs and I was thinking it would be ideal to have a battery temperature sensor connected.

The MultiPlus II GX should ship with a temperature sensor.

My questions:
1. If the MPPT is connected to the MultiPlus II GX via VE.Direct, will the temperature sensor of the MultiPlus II GX control the MPPT the same as if a temperature sensor was connected to the MPPT?

2. If the answer to 1 "no" - how would I approach monitoring battery temperature and voltage ideally with this setup to control both the MPPTs charging and the MultiPlus II GX's charging?

I can use the Bluetooth Smart Battery Sense to feed the information to the MPPT, but the MultiPlus II GX doesn't have BT. So then would I need a BT dongle for the MultiPlus II GX as well? And this would use the single VE.Direct port, so I assume I'd also need a powered USB hubs and at least two USB to VE.Direct cables? Those are a lot of adapters and cables just to monitor temperature simultaneously...

Or I could use the Smart Battery Sense to control the MPPT, and the MultiPlus II GX temperature sensor to control it?

Thanks for the help, let me know if any more information is required.

Multiplus-IIMPPT SmartSolarTemperature Sensor
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Please have a look at the CCGX manual, and read up on DVCC.

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