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Victron GX devices, internal temperature on UI and VRM

In situations where the working environment is hot such as -

  • Static solar installations
  • Mobile vehicles and vessels

It would be useful (and should be easy to find out) if the Venus GX device is likely to be overheating. The ARM CPU core temperature should probably not be allowed to go over 80°C.

In cases of overheating the user could be informed and they can consider changes to the installation to reduce the risk.

I have implemented an interface to make the CPU temperature available for Venus OS on Raspberry pie, it appears in the User Interface and on the VRM.

Would users support the idea that this would in general be useful on Venus GX devices?

Would Victron like to implement it?

Technical details:

On Venus OS on the RPi, The temperature is available in the system device file: /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

The code is here on github.

Publishing the CPU temperature on the DBus make the information available in both the GUI and on VRM without the need to change any other code or interfaces.

Apparently on Venus GX devices the directory /sys/class/thermal is empty and appears to be the only sys directory related to thermal information. There do appear to be flavours of linux running on AM335x processors that do populate a thermal information system devices folder.

(Of course if anyone knows where the CPU temperature is available within Venus OS on GX then it should be easy to update the code and make the data available on the UI)

Venus GX - VGXtemperature
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To expand on this this I would like the ability to see all devices internal temps, multi's, mppt etc... etc

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