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ESS BatteryLife ScheduleCharge priority grid/battery, pv/charge battery

After few months and monitoring of my system (ESS with MII + 2xMPPT + Battery) , i have create "pythonservice" for optimize my installation because it missing some parameters.

I think it will be interisting to have more option for optimize system.

Part 1

I have electric subscription with full price during the day and reduce price during night ( 22h-7h).

During the night, i have choice to use battery or use electricity.

If I use battery at the morning it will be at minsoc and from 7h to sunrise i will use electricity with full price.

If I put schedule charge 22h-7h with minsoc, my battery will have to high soc, i will use battery between 7h and sunrise but my soc will be to high and i loose PV production.

So I create a script who disable schedule charge during the day and enable schedule charge if Soc <= ScheduleChargeSoc

Suggestion :

Change menu "Enable On/Off" to 3 state "disable/automatic/enable" (variable Day % 16) , automatic mode mean schedule is enable when BatterySoc <= ScheduleSoc

Part 2

When weather is cloudy and my battery Soc is SocLimit, PV will charge battery

When arrived SocLimit + 3% (SocSwitchOffset), Load will use PV + Battery and after few minutes battery have SocLimit so we enter in cycle of charge/discharge.

For stop this effect and use directly PV, i activate Schedulecharge soc 10% for KeepBattery until exceed can charge battery.

Suggestion1 :

Add parameter: " Use PV Direct" for choose if PV is

- 1 use for charge battery 2 exceed to load

- 1 use to load 2 exceed to battery


Like part1 but enable when Soc <= SocLimit and disable Soc > SocLimit + SocSwitchOffset.

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