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VRM PORTAL extension for cell voltage logging

Hallo Victron,

I would like to log individual cell voltages of a lithium battery BMS over time to monitor the balancing performance of the BMS and battery cell drift on incomplete charge / discharge cycles.

It would be great to have a custom space on the VRM where customer defined values can be collected and visualized e.g. via the custom widgets. Would be great to have a range of names / a namespace for variables for anything non-standard Victron connected to a Cerbo with custom extension funneled into the VRM. It could be any kind of custom data like voltage, current, resistance, temperature, tank sensors, flow meters, digital inputs or outputs from 3rd party vendors and DIY....

Of course it would be possible to log the data locally or send it via Modbus / MQTT to a downstream device but a consistent way in the VRM cloud would be preferrable. Thank you for considering.

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