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Victron dbus services -> which one to choose?


I've a small mixed Home Assistent / Victron system and try to integrate everything into VenusOS. Right now I've a Shelly 3 EM as grid meter, 3x shelly 1 PM measuring what my 3x grid-based Inverter (Sun GTIL2 1000, one per phase) produce from a Battery.
This battery is connected to a Victron smart shunt and 3x Victron MPPTs.

The Problem now is that the Shelly 1pm ( is installed as PV Inverter (com.victronenergy.pvinverter). The Sun's are connect to the battery but visualized as PV to AC. I would need battery (DC) to AC...

I'm not really sure which device / service is the right one to choose? Maybe inverters, but they only have L1, I'm using 3x on L1 to L3. I've not found a notice why Invert can't be set to L2 or L3.
Here's a screenshot and a schematic, "PV Wechselrichter" are my Shelly 1PMs:


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