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CCGX reading micro SD Card problem

I buy my complete system from Victron in last July, & i'm so impress by now with it. The only problem I got since the beginning is the difficulty to make my SD recognize by my CCGX.

I have to insert it on & off about 25 times before the CCGX can detect it, and after couple of hour or day the communication is lost & having No storage found appear again..

It' look like my unit is to sensitive for a correct reading...

I know by far that my card format is good & im using Kingston 32GB model,

This feature is really important for me because i'm in a out of reaching location...

I also read this thread:

but doesnt look to be a permanent issue!!

Wanna know if i'm the only one with this problem, & if there is something I can try before returning the unit to the retailler...

Thank you

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micro SD card not detected on Venus GX

I have this strange issue since always... I have a VenusGX for some years now, and I never got it to detect any SD card. Never really needed it, but now I'm curious. What could be the problem?

Today I ejected and replaced by another card, 2 GB size, FAT32. Same result, no "storage found".

What is really strange is that the original SD card, 1 GB, FAT 32 when put on PC shows this:


It has files, one is from yesterday!

What is going on here? Why VEnus can't detect it but does write in to it?

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