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System Design Review

Please review the below design for my airstream travel trailer. There is limited roof space and I was concerned about panel shading so I've opted to wire all the panels in parallel. I've considered a 24v system, but I decided against it for a few reasons:

  • 24-12v dc conversion loss. The Victron reported efficiency is 92%, or 88% with their dc to dc battery charger. (Offset somewhat with 12v system losing some efficiency due to higher amps/line impedance).
  • I run starlink and a lot of the trailer components including fridge, furnace, router and others off the 12v system.
  • Can't run the 12v solar panels in parallel with 24v system.
This is my first DIY system design so please let me know all the mistakes. solar.jpg

system design
solar.jpg (338.9 KiB)
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System design topics are not allowed on this community, i would strongly advise you to contact your local victron dealer for that

You can read online system manuals from victron to study yourself and also do free online trainings on victron professional

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Understood. I thought I saw a section in the forum where people post diagrams for review?

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mostly those have specific questions, there is no strict line, but you are encouraged to contact a dealer so they can help you in your specific system

what i can say about your design

with 24v or higher your cables can be smaller and current will be lower

also 10 panels in parallel with shading will not work, they will influence each other, your better of and more efficient with multiple mppts and/or serial strings of 2 or 3 panels or 2s/2p

try to combine panels that have the same shading

if your panels are 12v you must connected a minmum of 2 in series because the mppt wont start on 12v, voltage need to be 5v higher then battery charge voltage

missing also mutliple fuses and a busbar,

you will need those, hence the support from your local dealer is needed

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