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3rd Phase feed in current following 3rd Phase Critical loads current.

I have a 3 Phase system where the 3rd phase feed-in current follows the 3rd Phase critical loads current. (Yes, it's weird, but true). Feed in current (from DC MPPT, no AC MPPTs in system) is set to zero.

I attach two examples around 1.2 kW and 4 kW at different times. Feed in roughly follows critical current.

System is just installed so all software at latest version. (3 x Multi-2's = version 485). 2 x MPPT 250/100 = v3.07, Cerbo = v2.72.

ET340 meter installed. Externally metering set.

ESS installed, Set to Optimized (without battery life).

Multiphase regulation is Individual phase.

DVCC on, Forced by BSL batteries.

1.2 kW Example

4 kW example

Why is this happening ?

ess grid setpoint not reached
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