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How to stop VictronConnect search for COM ports - Phoenix Inverter Smart?

When software VictronConnect start on Windows, its looking for connected Victron HW connected by VE.Direct to USB interface cable. It will search for some COM port conmnection. OK. Application will find the Inverter, connect it, works as expected. But I have alreaqqdy some other COM port occupied by other HW, especially security devices. In the case application test othert COM ports for possible Victron device, my security device evaluate this test as possible fault of communication and start false allarm. It is done only when application start and I start my connected inverter - so not big issue then. But it means, that it will happen every time the computer will Restart. Just for Inverter it is annoing (no historic data, no VRM connection), OK. But in case I upgrade system for BMV-712 for example, than I have to find the way how NOT let VictronConnect test particular COM ports as mandatory.

Does exist some solution to STOP VictronConnect applicatioon COM port search? Or another way maybee just block particular COM port to be connected by such application?

Thanks for ideas!

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Just add comment - my other device is capable to be set on COM port 1-256. So in case does NOT exist the way how to stop search of VictronConnect it shoud be solution to know on which port the application stopped the search. Of course in case it will stop less than 256 :-).
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I hope the progammers will fix the scan issue soon, got the same problem here. Other physical present ports become unavailable after the VictronConnect port scan.
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Any progress? This blocking of all COM ports is unacceptable.
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