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Quattro and Inverter RS in the same system?


I was wondering if it is possible/supported to run both quattro and Inverter RS together with a GX device and a batterybank?

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No not supported.

Yes you can sort of run both off the one bank, if your bank can handle the amps for both inverters at 100% / overload. Soc will be all over the place and difficult to track. I am not recommending that either. There are many other considerations.

As for sharing the gx since they are both ve bus. No. As you cannot program them as a parallel system. You need the same units for that application.

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Hi Alexandra and thanks for taking the time to reply.

I have a Lynx Shunt that measures in and out of batterbank, and a well sized batterybank aswell.
What other considerations do you mean?

Could I not use the VE.Can bus to connect the Inverter RS Smart Solar to the current system?

I'm not seeking to parallel the units, just add an inverter for a backup solution to the quattro.
The MPPT is just a bonus i will use later when i have more solarpanels.

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The RS inverter does not have VE.Bus, only VE.CAN and VE.Direct.

I haven't tried a RS and VE.Bus inverter on the same GX yet, but I have tried to get the GX to see multiple Inverters with no success. But It may show up using the VE.Direct port. From what I can tell the software just doesn't know what to do with 2 inverters connected.

Are you batteries CAN? if they are then you can connect 1 bank to 2 GX's.
From what I have seen the GX's don't transmit on the Battery CAN port.
You could then have a GX for each system.

I am not sure about the Lynx Shunt, it may or may not work with 2 GX's

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ehsab avatar image ehsab shaneyake commented ·

I'm not using a BMS if that's what you mean, i have lead batteries connected to a Lynx Shunt (which is VE.Can connected).

@Alexandra any thoughts on this topic now that you have a little more info.

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ ehsab commented ·

As i mentioned by shaneyake there is no way to monitor the two inverters on one gx. You can only connect multiple inverters to one gx if they are in three phase or parelel. (And ve direct for basic montoring in the menu with ve can)

If you are happy the bank can take the extra loads and the extra charging then feel free to do so, it is your equipment. Specifically check voltage sag under loads.

Technically it can work. but as mentioned not supported, but is possible if the requirements of both inverters are met.

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