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Quattro - inverter doesn't start with DC

Got a strange behaviour on my Quattro 8000/24 (fw:320; ve.bus: 2643430) with inverter not starting.

When AC input 1 or 2 were live, Quattro output gave 230VAC. Once the input got disconnected, the inverter did not kick in.

Measured voltage on the DC input showed correct 27VDC.

Switching Quattro off and on (with the rocker swtich) did not solve the issue - with no AC input and 27VDC active inverter was not starting.

We did have to disconnect and connect again the DC, which caused the inverter to start.

The installation is working for over 6 months now and heavily used with no issues. That is the first time I've encountered such a behaviour, which gives me a think about possible fimware bug.

Should anyone have similar experience / know where the issue may be based, please do share in order to provide better end-user experience.

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerdc system
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The first suspect will be the batteries then. What batteries do you have?

If you suspect a firmware bug then it is possible that it has been addressed already as Ver. 482 is out in the field. So update it first.

Hi @Alexandra

I was thinking about the batteries at the first spot, however, we've measured those 27VDC inside Quattro, which means there's voltage coming into the unit.

The batteries we use are 3x MG 280LFP with LV600 via ethernet, which are quite stable solution and I'm not sure if BMS could cause the inverter to shut (unless of course it unclutches the contactor, which it did not).

482 vs 430 - that's quite a gap I've missed, probably a good idea to update it.

Any logs would be able to show why that happened anyway?


It is not a bug i have heard of on 430 but to be honest dont have any systems running on that at all.

Another suspect will be a grid code selected on the quattro.

Most of the change logs for the vwrsions are about mutli grid and multiplus issues and new grid codes and features added like low soc shutdown and restarting.

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