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ESS drains batterie into grid, happens about every 2 Month

The System:


5.4 kWp Solar Panel

Fronius 6 kW

Quattro 8 kW

BYD 8kWh Batrery

Color Control GX

Grid Energy Meter

The Good News: The System normaly runs perfectly! :-)

But: about every 2 or 3 Month, the Battery is dained to the Grid.

When I recogniced it the last Time, I droped the Grid Circuit Breaker for 1 min after this the System was running well again.


There is NO Reason to feed into the Grid when the Battery is not charged.

But, thats what happens @ 12:41 durig about 30 min (thats until I switched the Grid CB off).

I've got Everywhere the latest Firmware.

Thanks in advance, Peter

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