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What victron charger for lifepo4 + lead/agm? + Argofet question.

I am planning to upgrade the 12v house bank in my boat to lithium. In the process I need a new 230v charger, with 3 outputs to charge this new lithium bank, plus agm starter batteries, plus windlass/thruster battery.

looking for high capacity as well as keeping it on more or less constantly to maintain and keep all batteries topped up and in good shape.

the Skylla 12/70-3 was recommended to me but then I was warned that it would not cope with batteries of a different type.

Also, I already have the Argofet 200-3 mounted, and it works great. But again, someone said it would not work with one battery bank being lithium. As that bank is so power hungry the theory is that no charging current from the engine will reach the two other banks until the lithium bank is full.

Is it true? Or will it work? This lithium upgrade is turning into a headache before it started.

Lithium Battery
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