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"Input Current Limit" on VRM Dashboard

I noticed something odd on the VRM Dashboard and wonder if it is bit of a temporary display glitch or is a setting somewhere?

Dashboard when I have my AC Source defined as Grid. (Generator shows the same.

1627472330661.pngIf I change the source designation to "Shore" I see the same screen in the main - but I get a new section (I highlighted in a red box) called "Input Current Limit"


Not sure why that appears only when AC In is "Shore"? or why it is 3.2A. The Watts in is actually around the 3.2A mark (230V input) but that is more coincidence I think.

The only setting I can think of that limits the AC current is within the Multiplus (an EasyPlus 12/1600 in my case) and that is set as 12.0A (see below - set at 12A as using a domestic plug).

1627472819121.pngAny pointers to this odd 3.2A window? Would be a pain if that was actually 3.2A and stop me using anything of reasonably high power!

EDIT: Just turned on the Water Boiler (850W) and checked screen again ...

1627473322724.pngIt looks like the "Input Current Limit" actually shows the approximate AC current being pulled into the system, not an actual limit? and is fluctating as the battery charge current is dropping as approaching full.

So it is good that it is not limiting the current, but what is it meant to mean?

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The dynamic current limit may be checked so it will be shifted by the system.

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not got that enabled.

fair suggestion though.

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And the other question is why does it only appear when you designate the AC input as "Shore"? change to "Grid" and that box disappears.
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Any new thoughts on this field? I'm seeing just an empty "Input Current Limit -" - no data at all. Is it provided only by newer inverters? Maybe my MultiPlus is just too old, as I've noticed it is not filling AC "Consumption" graph in Historical Data too?


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