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DVCC in off-grid DC installation - "dynamic charge current"

Good day!

Looking at

Point 8.4.1 - sub-point "3"

"DC Loads are not accounted for. Even when a BMV or other battery monitor is installed. For example, with a configured maximum charge current of 50 Amps, and DC Loads drawing 20 Amps, the battery will be charged with 30 Amps. Not with the full allowed 50 Amps."

When or how can we change this? I cannot see why the DVCC cannot increase the current from chargers to compensate the loads and keep charging current at for example 50A.

Offcourse the idea works flawlessly in ESS configuration, but we do not have any inverter in the setup - but we do have high DC loads.

Any input or ideas will greatly be appreciated!


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I was about to ask a similar question, although in my case it is because the inverter I have is not a Victron unit.

Wondering if the use of an AC sensor would allow the Cerbo to allocate that load as AC, and as such increase the charging current?

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