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When did Android VRM Widgets become non-movable?

Did I miss the "memo", after the VRM update that added Teams & Groups, I can no longer resize or move widgets on my Android devices? I can only display one (1) widget at a time and can not have two or more horizontally, even in landscape mode. This is true for either the VRM app or through a browser on the Android devices. I can resize, move, and display multiple widgets on a PC. Not a big issue but it is kind of weird that I went from it being way too touchy on an Android causing widgets to move all over the place to not being able to move or resize them at all.

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We did not change the behavior in the last update (at least not intentionally). The behavior switches between screen resolution. Can it be that you changed text size, zoom level, or something like that?

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No, I haven't changed any of those settings in my devices. However, they are older Androids, 4-5 years old, so it may be something with their native screen resolutions that is causing the issue. Also, this may have occurred prior to the recent Teams & Group addition, it's just that I noticed it now.

With my Samsung TabA, I can "pinch" and zoom a widget out , which makes it ridiculously large, but I can not zoom in (smaller). Also, I can not do either zoom out or in on my Samsung S7.

One final bit of info on the Androids, if I remove a widget that is already showing and then re-enable it, it is placed in the same order that it was before disabling it. If I add a widget that has never been enabled, the new one gets placed at the end of all widgets and it too is immovable.

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Additional info - I use Google Chrome as my default browser on my Android devices. When logging into the VRM portal via Chrome, if I switch from viewing the portal as normal Android Chrome to "Desktop Site", I am now able to resize and move widgets. However, in the VRM application, they are still locked.
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