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Will the Unit ID number of a BlueSolar Charger change at night if there is no battery connected?


I have an installation of 12 BlueSolar chargers connected to 1 Cerbo GX via an actively powered USB-hub. Unfortunately, as I came to realize, the instance number of each one of them changes randomly when the modules do not generate power (usually at night) since I dump their power output onto a bank of power resistors through the battery output. My question is, will the Unit IDs of the solar chargers change as well when the modules lose power if there is no battery connected to them? In the end what I want is to be able to differentiate the PV power output of each module, so if the Unit ID number of each solar charger changes daily, I cannot address them via Modbus TCP. Is there a solution I am missing that does not involve using a battery? Would it be possible to connect a DC power supply to the battery output and dump the PV power through the load output to prevent the solar charger from disconnecting from the Cerbo GX, as well as the change of instance number and of Unit ID?

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