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Orion tr Smart 12/12 with Smart Solar 100/30

I have bought components which are not yet installed in a campervan conversion:

110ah leisure battery (wet bog standard):

380W JA Solar panel

Victron Smart Solar 100/30

Victron Orion tr Smart 12/12-30

I'm concerned about overcharging my leisure battery during the bulk phase of charging. Both the smart solar and orion will be connected to the battery in parallel. When driving on a hot day, I could be bulk charging the battery with 60a. I have no battery specs, so I gather general advice is to charge at a max of 0.2C or 20A. I see I can limit the output of the mppt, but the Orion will not limit current during the bulk phase. I gather the battery will utilise available current, especially when depleted.

I'm uncertain whether to buy the 18a Orion instead of the 30a. Even then, whether I need to switch between the mppt/ Orion so only one feeds the battery at a given time.

Or potentially whether the mppt could accept the Orion output and the solar as dual inputs, then I could limit the mppt output to 20a.

I realise opinions vary on the 'right' bulk charge rate for batteries, I just don't want to overheat the battery so I'd like to aim for approx 0.2c /20A.

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Suggest you get the battery specs and not guess. Your Orion Smart DC-DC is connected between your engine battery and leisure battery. I THINK you can reduce the amps from 30 to 5 via Victron Connect if that’s giving you sleepless nights. You seem to have plenty of solar so the Orion Smart is only used when underway with engine on

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