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Modbus - Energy Used Values (From Grid / To Grid)

I have been trying to replicate the information as displayed on VRM from the values available on Modbus, but have not been very successful. I have found a few posts/questions which touches on this, but I have not been able to succeed.

Use Case: These values will be captured in HA. By substracting the two values from one another I would like to regulate the PV generation to keep the "From Grid" value just above zero. The calculations in HA is the easy part, but getting the correct values to work with seems challenging.

1. Is it possible to recreate these values from VRM?


2. If so, could it be possible to assist with the registers/dbus paths used to achieve this.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Victron Multiplus II

MPPT 250/100

Grid Meter ET112

Pylontech Batteries

AC-Coupled SMA Inverter on AC1

Modbus TCP
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