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Autotransformer Ground


I have purchased two Autotransformers with the intent to balance loads either on shore or generator. The boat is supplied with 50 AMP (240), a 9KW Generator and an Aims 4K Inverter. Half of the Air Conditioners are 240V, the other are 120V.

The goal is to use two separate autotransformers to power 2 air conditioners (120V) and 120V Battery Chargers. Both autotransformers will have 240V either from shore or generator as the source. (Planning on stepping down 240 to 120V)

Reading through the documentation I am a bit confused on how the ground is setup. Will the autotransformer create a "Fake Ground" thus any fault from an appliance will return to the autotransformer? I am guessing I should not connect the autotransformers ground to the boats central ground. Can someone confirm?

I noticed some information in the documentation recommending I remove the Neutral - Ground bond on the generator. This is not doable in my case since some of the 240V and 120V appliances will not pass through the Autotransformer.


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