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Victron autotransformer

Wondering if the victron autotransformer would step 120v 60hz to 220v 50 hz? Specficly i'm interested if i could use the equipment when sailing in North American to change the shore power to meet my 220 requirements on board. I believe it will change the voltage i'm just trying to determine if it will change the hertz

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No, a transformer cannot change the frequency. Whatever frequency goes in will be the same coming out.

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Great, thanks! Is there any type of device that can change 120v 60hz to 220 50hz?

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I don't know the power requirements, but it might be easiest to use a battery charger with 50/60Hz 120/230V capable input, and use an inverter (or multi, quattro) to create 230V 50Hz

This charger might also serve as an isolation transformer? (question mark..not shure if it's allowed not to connect earth wire or isolate the charger housing from the ship)

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If the only connection to shore power is a charger (not an inverter/charger) then you do not need to connect the shore ground to the boat ground. This is not an isolation transformer, but it does totally isolate the boat even better than an isolation transformer. Shore power is then only used to supply the charger. There are then no other AC loads connected to shorepower. You then use an inverter to provide onboard AC loads. The ground of these loads is totally isolated from shorepower ground. This means there is no path from sea water through the boat to shore ground.

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