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VRM Dashboard new thing " Time To Go " under Battery section ? , appeared and vanished


Just noticed this today , appeared and disappeared within a minute.

Anyone know what that is relating to ?

Work in progress?

I am guessing time to go Batteries to full charge at current charge state ( when they are charging ) and Time to go before batteries fully depleat at current discharge state?

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I asume it is time to go untill the set SOC%

This is how it is in the VictronConnectApp


Not entirely sure what you mean by VictronConnect app.

I am talking about VRM dashboard , as per pictures.

The " Time to go : " stat shows for about a minute when I refresh the page , always displays 0.00h , and disappears after a minute.

This is a new thing , I have never seen before , time to go bit.

Besides , on VictronConnect app does not show no such thing , unless of course you are referring to BMV , which I do not have.

Anyone else seeing this on their VRM dashboard?

TtG is only usefull when not charging, it is the time you can do untill your set SOC bottum level.

Unfortunately it appears you are not reading what I am asking / stating ...

Please refer to my previous posts

just trying to explain what you see, haven't seen it on VRM before.

That is my exact point.

Not seen this previously on VRM either.

Hence , my questions...

1. Is this a new feature being worked on / implemented by Victron?

2. Others seeing this when they refresh the VRM page for a minute and it disappears automatically ( without even refreshinbg the page ) ? Showing always 0.00h

3. Victron care to comment and assist to solve the mystery?

Time to go until battery is discharged.

It makes more sense when the battery is not being charged.

Sure, but , that is not what I am asking either??

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Warwick Bruce Chapman answered ·

This shows when the battery is being discharged but I only ever see 0 in it, so perhaps it only works with data from compatible BMS/BMV. The (LFP) battery I am using right now is not officially supported by Victron - there is BMS comms but perhaps the critical information required for this metric is not being supplied by this BMS?

I dropped the mains here and see:


I put the mains back and see:


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Hi Warwick

Thanks for that.

So I know mine is not glitched at least.

Weird thing on mine it shows when charging or discharging , when I refresh the VRM dashboard page , it shows only for 30 seconds or so , but yes, always shows 0.00h anyway.

Would be nice for Victron to implement this based on Battery monitor function on VE.Bus on Multiplus II , there is already battery percentage data there , charge rate / discharge rate , so it is simply question of it doing a division based on current charge / discharge rates and display.

I would like to see it all the time when the battery is discharging (even when mains is available). I discharge to 25% SOC each evening and the TTG is useful to monitor the speed of discharge. @mvader (Victron Energy)