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Venus GX Temperature sensors output to NMEA2000?

Maybe I am missing something, but I can't seem to be able to output the temperature sensors connected to my Venus GX to NMEA2000.

I can see every other detail from my Victron System on NMEA2000 but not the GX Temperature sensors.

What am I doing wrong?

Venus GX - VGXTemperature SensorNMEA 2000 - N2K
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I found the issue.
Well, I didn't. Scott Bender who wrote the Venus plugin did.

He suggested that the problem was the signalk server was connecting to the venus gx via MQTT.
When it really needed to be connected via remote dbus.

Stefanie's answer worked because the venus.os.large image has the signalk server connecting to the venus gx via local dbus. If I switched the venus.os.large signalk server to connect remote dbus, it stopped working.

The solution was to enable remote dbus access on the venus gx.
Instructions can be found here;
node-red-contrib-victron/ at master · victronenergy/node-red-contrib-victron (
Please be very careful. If you are not careful, you can easily brick your venus device.

I am a happy camper now.
Thank you to all who helped on this issue.

EDIT: I'm going to revert the Venus GX back to the old non large firmware.
I don't need another signalk server on the venus.

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I may be on to a workaround.

Signalk server Victron Venus Plugin by Scott Bender has an option to map temperature sensors on the Venus Gx to signalk.

However, I still haven't got it working yet...


1621042702237.png (124.4 KiB)
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Hi @Garnet,

it's working for me and it should work out of the box in Signal K. Path mapping is only required if you want different path names.

Maybe you can tell us how you have setup everything? How did you connect your system to N2K?
Firmware version etc.?


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That is exactly what I am looking for!

I actually have the signalk server communicating with the Venus GX via 2 methods; MQTT and Canbus.

Here is my setup;
Venus GX firmware version 2.66

Method #1: Victron Venus plugin
Method #2: Venus is hardwired to the n2k bus via can 2 port.
1621053953735.pngAnd a rpi3b+ (signalk server) has a PiCAN2 hat that reads the n2k bus.
1621054133306.pngRaspberry Pi 3 System With CAN Bus Interface (

I am using the correct Venus temp sensors.
VRM can show the temperatures.

As you can see in my data browser, I don't have your environment.venus.XX.temperature showing

Thank you for showing me that it can be done!

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1621053860240.png (135.9 KiB)
1621053953735.png (211.9 KiB)
1621054133306.png (75.6 KiB)
1621054237080.png (56.3 KiB)
1621054581385.png (392.1 KiB)
1621054910484.png (258.4 KiB)

Looking good, but doesn't give a hint why it's not working for you.

Have you thought of using Venus OS large image? Basically everything out of the box in the Venus GX. Plug and play and will save you from using the Pi and PiCan hat.

More here:

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Thank you for the suggestion!

I installed venus.os.large and it works!
1621089062187.pngThe good news; I can now see the temps on the venus signalk server.

The bad news; All I can see is the venus gx on signalk. I can't see any other n2k devices on the venus signalk server.

My rpi signalk server still does not see the temp sensors.

There is a venus.os.large username/password on the signalk server already.
I do not know those user credentials and I am unable to logon to the venus signalk server.
Would you know the default venus.os.large signalk server user credentials?

I would like to logon and compare data connection settings between the two signalk servers with the goal of getting either one to be fully functional.

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1621089062187.png (57.9 KiB)

That's good news :-)

You should create unique admin accounts for both of your Signal K installations in the UI under Security/Users.

AFAIK the default user credentials are admin/admin.

Make sure you have setup the connection type correctly for your other N2K data. Here is how it looks like for me:


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I'm in.
Thank you so much for your help.

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