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PV throttles after meter added

Good morning!

I've got a client where they have a multiplus 3kva, 2x mppt chargers, lead batteries..

The installation is done in such a way that non essentials are split before the inverter, essentials then go through the inverter and then to it's 'backup db'.

The system was setup up that the dc chargers feed back excess pv, essentially supplying upstream to the non essentials, there was no grid meter so if non essentials was not enough it would actually start feeding back to the grid.

When the client contacted me they wanted to upgrade but have no consumption data as there was no grid meter so non essentials wasn't monitored. I recommended we install a grid meter to get total consumption data and work from there. But now the system stopped feeding back the pv. The pv only keeps the batteries charged, then the non essentials gets fed from the grid and pv gets throttled, this is obviously not right as it should feed the essentials and excess should then feed upstream to the non essentials. The system is set up with ess and batteries to discharge to 90%, then kept for backup. Option to feed excess dc pv to grid is checked and dvcc is on and svs is on. Please assist if someone knows what the issue could be? Attached is a screenshot of where the pv was supplying total essential loads, and since the grid meter was installed it dropped pv yield to only charge batteries. Also an image with summary of current installation.



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