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Is it possible to see status of 2 batteries on app Victron Blue Smart IP22 12/15 (3)?

I see status of 1 battery; it's not clear which battery though. How do I know? The charger is charging both batteries (measured by electrician).

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I recently purchased a SmartShunt 500 device and configured it for use with a single Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. I am impressed with this device thus far and would like to add a second battery and monitor the specifics of that battery also. My application is that the first battery will provide power for a fishing trolling motor (12V 120 Ah battery) and the second battery will power a fish finder (12V 14 Ah). It is common knowledge in the fishing world that powering both of these devices using a single battery inevitably results in unwanted “noise” or “interference” on the fish finder thus my desire to have dedicated batteries. My concern at this stage is with my familiarity with the VictronConnect application I have downloaded to my iPhone. When familiarizing myself with a single battery configuration as I said I am impressed with the data provided by your SmartShunt. I have not finished building my second battery (12V 14Ah) I have been analyzing your dual-battery configuration diagram and have some questions both about this configuration as well as not seeing in the VictronConnect application provisions for the display of data from two separate batteries. I am in no way proficient in my understanding of electricity and it may be that due to my lack of knowledge I am simply not grasping concepts that would make sense in how this device is actually working. Perhaps the key to my understanding is in understanding the function of the “power cable” connecting the positive battery terminals to the respective AUX port on the shunt. That said, I am under the understanding that “data” gathered by the SmartShunt is calculated from current passing between the BATTERY MINUS terminal post and the SYSTEM MINUS terminal post (simplified description). My simplistic understanding of this would lead me to believe that to gather “data” from my second battery it too would need to have it’s negative connected to the SmartShunt BATTERY MINUS for such calculations to be made.

In a nut-shell, is this SmartShunt 500 capable of provide me with “Fuel-Gauge” data unique to each of my two Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Again, from what I have seen thus far with the VictronConnect app I do not see where or how this data could be displayed. After wiring both batteries as directed by Victron instructions I see in the VictronConnect app only "Input; Starter battery 13.15V" which has no value with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries as a "Fuel-Gauge" metrics.

Sorry for the length of this comment, it was originally an email sent to Victron that gained NO traction.

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