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Blue Smart Charger 12v (25a) with 36v Lithium Golf Cart Conversion (HELP NEEDED)

Hi All,

So this has got me stumped :( I have tried everything else that could possibly cause this issue but think it may be my setup with the charging. So here’s a summary:

I have a 36v Ezgo golf card which previously ran on 6 x 6v Trojan Lead Acid batteries. As a company we have recently got into the solar field so wanted to "experiment" with converting the cart to Lithium batteries as a side project. After quite a bit research I settled on 3 x 12v 108Ah Blue Nova Mobile batteries in series (

To cut a long story short we did the conversion and it works brilliantly. Then came the issue of charging. One option would have been to use the 36v charger I already had for the cart. However, my concern there was that the "charging algorithm" on the charger was for lead acid. I did some research on Lithium chargers and found one expensive 36v option. I then got chatting to my Local Victron dealer and he suggested I use 3 x Blue Smart 12v (25A) chargers and install them in the cart permanently wired up to the batteries. What I liked about this idea was that I would be certain that each battery would be charged equally and would never get a battery imbalance (and it worked out cheaper) 12 So I went this route….

Fast forward 2 weeks – cart is going great, no issue and then suddenly battery 2 & 3 turn off (being battery 1 connected to main positive and battery 3 connected to main negative) 1 i.e. the internal battery BMS shuts off… I have gone through COUNTLESS different theories on what could be the cause (from parasitic drain, to wiring etc) but at the moment I’m wondering if the following could be happening (but need someone VERY knowledgeable people to prove or disprove).

So could the following be happening?:

1. Battery 2 and 3 discharge just ever so slightly more than battery 1 during use (as battery one is connected to main positive and batter 3 to main negative).

2. Then during the charging “somehow” the three chargers pick up on when the first battery is full (battery 1 in this case) and then all three chargers move to the next charging phase (say from bulk to absorption).

3. This leads to battery 2 & 3 losing out on just a little of a full charge each charge cycle.

4. In my case the cart is used daily and uses about 30 % in a day. After about 2 weeks maybe that “ever so slight” loss on every charge cycle drops the battery to a low level and the BMS turn off the battery to protect itself?

5. It is a “theory in progress” as the batteries where turning off every few days until I separated the 3 batteries, charged them, put them back in series and then for the past 2 weeks it has been perfect (until yesterday when they shut off again). So last night I separated the batteries again, charged them up and ill see how long they last.

6. So in summary, I suppose what I’m asking:

a. Can you use three of the Blue Smart 12v (25A) charges on 3 x 12v batteries connected in series (i.e. one charger connected to each battery)?

b. In such a setup would they in any way affect the operation of each other?

As a last note, I did install a BMV-712 Smart BUT because of the way the chargers are connected directly to the battery the “input” from the chargers cannot go through the shunt. So its set to reset to a full state of charge at a certain voltage (approx. 42v). This has helps me see what the parastitic drain is (approx. 0.01A) which I think is acceptable. This was verified with a clamp meter.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated 12



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HI @RichSA

I see there was no answer to your query. Did you resolve it?

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Yes - thank you - see above reply to Alexandra.

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No :( Still battling.

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We had some blue novas 12v 108ah and the bms would shut down randomly. We used a battery balancer to keep the bms awake. For some reason the one series of firmware for the Blue Novas bms would go to sleep. The newer ones in the same place had no such problems.

I am guessing you are out of warranty now though. And this was 24v system not a 36v

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Thanks Alexandra - you got this spot on. Two of the three Blu Nova 12v batteries were shutting down randomly. Blu Nova eventually changed two of the three a few months ago and we have had no further issues :) So in summary, it was not a Victron Charger or installation issue.

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Hello, did you come right with this? I know you are already invested in the 12v Chargers. But what about a 36v Lifepo4 MPPT charge controller and some solar panels?

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