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Does any IP65 charger draw low enough wattage to charge from a Jackery 300 inverter?

I have a 100ah LiFePo4 battery and am considering the purchase of a Jackery 300 as a companion device. I can easily charge the Jackery from my big battery via the DC cigarette lighter chord that comes with the Jackery, but is there any possible configuration where I could do the inverse and charge the big battery from the Jackery?

Is there a smart LiFePo4 smart DC-DC charger on the market that would stay under the 12v 10a dc output of a Jackery? If not, would any of the AC chargers not surge over the max wattage limits of the 300w inverter? (And suffer the conversion losses?)

I realize of course it would be painfully slow, but if the little Jackery can pull 87w input from it's 100w solar panel, is there any way to pass that through on to my big battery without a separate solar charge controller?

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