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Simple 'mobile' lithium system planning

Hi everyone. I have just had the oppertunity to purchase two of the older style (not smart) LifePo4 200ah batteries with very low use and have decided this is the time to up my mobile / solar power game. I do not have a boat, a van or anything like that. This is just a project for the boot of my car, as well as the garden.

I plan to build all of this into a wheeled peli case or similar. Please see my sketch. I think its OK, but I have a couple of questions:


1. Do I need a SmartShunt? Since I am using the VE Bus BMS, will the VE Bus Smart Dongle connect straight to it and give me similar information? Mainly looking for capacity measurements.

2. If I do need a SmartShunt, have I got the placement correct? Between battery bank and main negative bus?

3. Is there an easier way to put this together? Different products?



Lithium Battery
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