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GX Tank 140 and SEELEVEL Senders!


I was cruising the GX Tank 140 manual, and I had an idea! Please be easy, and I am just spitballing off the limited information I could find on the SEELEVEL system.

Unfortunately, I don't have my SEELEVEL senders yet as they are stuck over the border because I tried to save money on shipping to Canada .... so this idea may be way off but...

Does anyone know what the signal is sent back as from the SEELEVEL sender? Like is it 0-10v? Is it resistive? is it 4-20ma?

I was thinking that I could bypass the SEELEVEL display completely so I could view levels on a GX display or the Victron portal. I would Jump the GX Tank 140 internal power from channels 3 and 4 to channel 1 and 2, not remove any of the SEELEVEL sender tabs. then power the SEELevel senders individually sending the signals right back to the GX Tank 140! Viola!

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It appears the SeeLevel senders are polled via serial data.

Read signal of an RV Tank Sensor

"When the sender transmits the water or sewer level information to the display, it sends a digital code that has built in error detection, making it highly unlikely for the display to read an incorrect level, even if the wiring is marginal. In addition to the level, the sender
also transmits diagnostic information about its operation."

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